Baden near Vienna

A small town ... but a great experience

beautiful Baden - hot springs resort since Roman times

A small town ... but a great experience. A lovely, romantic place where time seems to have stood still. Once called Aquae, when Romans enjoyed its sulfur springs, Its name in German means Baden and this is not only about physical location, but about sociological affinities. Ever since it was chosen as an imperial summer residence the "créme de la créme" of Viennese society also spent their summers in Baden, and brought their social and intellectual life along with them. As a result, Baden developed an urbanity found nowhere else in small cities of this size. Mansions, palaces, the elegant houses and the squares still bear the mark of renowned architects from the Biedermeier period, Historicism and Art Nouveau ..... Until today, the town bases its image on the element of water in all its different aspects. Baden has held a special place in Austrian history since Emperor Francis I who chose this idyllic town for his summer residence between 1814 (the year of the Vienna Congress) to 1834. Artists, intellectuals as well as the so called "good society" followed him. The blending of art and money set a high standard and created a unique atmosphere, which the city continues to preserve.

Spa town Baden at 1833
a perfect idyll in Biedermeier style ....

If you compare a beautifully restored historical building with a bonbon, then Baden, is a cart load of these delicacies. Already in 1795 the poet Moritz Gottlieb Saplier was lyrical about the town at the edge of the Vienna Wood "Wienerwald" : A town as if it has been spun out of air, a mini-Vienna in watercolour ! A health resort full of white benches with cast iron legs. The second largest casino of Europe (Congress Casino). Sentimental top-level operetta's in the "Summer-Arena" and the City Stage.

A warm water bath in art deco with the largest beach in Austria the "Strandbad" and the "Römertherme". Five golf courts - A perfect whole for feeling great. Baden is a perfect idyll in Biedermeier style. But behind the decor hides an modern infrastructure and that combination has made Baden one of the richest communities in Austria. In 1934 the Casino at the Kurpark was opened a huge dome, lit at night as a fairytale castle. Meanwhile it has been expanded and rebuilt into an event center - only at the jackpots you don't have to pay attention to the casino dress code. Since Baden has a micro climate, palm trees are placed in front of the building and at the Kurpark. From the Pannonic region warm air rises up and the flanks of the Wienerwald protect against the sometimes chilly winds from the Alps. This way the excellent red wine can be made from the grapes. Beethoven, who has lived here for almost three years, was delighted about the wine. Though not all inhabitants of Baden were very delighted about Beethoven. In 1820, the composer was already ahead of the fitness hype. Dressed in rags and gasping for air he ran through the Wienerwald, wrote notes on stones and sang clamorously until the police arrested him and his patrons had to bail him out. He was forced move several times in Baden, because he was playing the piano too loudly. He flirted with women, but none of them ever stayed with him. Furthermore he was a bad payer. People laughed a lot with the funny chap in Baden. But Beethoven finished his Ninth Symphony here since 1992 Alle Menschen werden Brüder' is the European anthem. This was performed at the health resort so beautifully, that Baden forgave him for everything and even built a Beethoventemple at the Kurpark. It lies a bit higher and offers a beautiful view.  Mozart has been here as well. His wife Constanze even more often, and there was constant gossip around her male resort companions. But she came for the sulphur springs. Those are 36°C and they flow from the dolomite rocks by their own pressure. This temperature is perfect for the human body. The Roman well, daily pumps around seven million liters of healthy water into the Wellness-Center, waterworks of the baths and steam rooms. It is very good for the joints, against arthritis and it improves the cholesterol levels ........

looking north with the hills of the VIENNA Woods in the background


View over Baden south-east from the Spa Park

Baden see interactive Panorama of Baden interactive

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